About The Beer:

Our loose teas are from New Mexico Tea Company of which we are currently using Masala Chai for our Chai-IPA working with the fine tea, malts and yeast the aromatic nose is that of bananas with a fine hoppy finish at 7.5% alcohol. Come by give it and several of our other fine NM Micro we have on tap a try.

NM Micros on Tap 08/16/2011

The Corrales Bistro Brewery has 12 beers on tap at any given time. In addition to brewing our own beer we are also a NM tap room with beer from great breweries across the state. 


While we strive to bring the best beers available from other breweries, our own wares are to be sampled.  Our first beer was a saison or in other terms a Belgian farm ale.  Since then we have made a stout and different versions of the hoppy favorite IPA.  While we may not have a local selection in every season when we do they are unique unto themselves.

 Our brewing system consists of a three barrel boil kettle a cooling coil and three simple fermenters.  We have used full grain and partial mash methods to make our simple product.  Fully unfiltered, our beer retains the rustic quality of the beers of yore.  We also are proud of the main ingredient of every beer, the water.  One thing that is unique is that we use untampered with water from our deep water well.  Thanks for giving our beers a try! 

It’s hard not to notice the special Mug Club wall where members can enjoy a frosty 22oz mug of our fine ales for a membership fee of $35.  Your Hanselmann Pottery Beer Mug is waiting for you every time you come in and will be filled for only $3.50. Membership has its privileges!

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